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The system is based on Long-Term scanning microscopy developed by the eTox Workgroup in 2005. With the use of LTS a digital photo of the cell culture is taken in every minute and after the experiment the sequence of photos is converted to a video which is analyzable along quantitative and qualitive parameters. With this technique it’s possible to monitor the cells in the whole time of the experiment and make a long-term light microscopic observation of the cell culture at population level or individual cells.


The LTS microscopy supported by perfusion system allows to change the cell culture media during the examination or add chemicals to the culture without moving the cell culture flask and interrupting the observation. So the morphological and behavioural changes of specific regions under chemical agents become noticable. We can stay clear of the physical contact with the culture with the use of the perfusion system, so it provides protection againts contamination, too.


The perfusion system is pneumatically driven, the change of the media is carried out by cylinders and syringes moved by air pressure and vacuum. The whole system can be controlled from outside of the incubator. The system contains all of the solutions needed for the experiment before the observation begins. They are located in the syringes fixed in the cylinders in the incubator. The injection of the solutions to the cell culture flask is done through special needles. 


 Changes of numbers of mitotic cells in a 24 h serum-starved HaCaT cell culture - the diagram is made by the analysis of the photo sequence:


24 h serum-starvation diagram










Effects of sodium-butyrate on HaCaT cells: the video shows the cells at the presence of the histon-deacetylase inhibitor and the instantaneous behavioural effects of the removing of the chemical:

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